Monday, September 19, 2011

Please get well soon

It’s been two weeks already since Johan started having cough and colds. We already gave him Salbutamol and Ambroxol on the first week and moved to Amoxicillin on the second. All to no avail. I was so scared to sleep last night because there were a few times when Johan coughs and he vomits and it frightens me that I’d be sleeping deeply I won’t hear him if in case he gags.

So, we brought him today to a new pediatrician and he was given a new set of medicines and was advised to be nebulized at the hospital’s pulmonary lab. I was worried because when we brought Johan to the ER last week, he refused it and wailed. This time though was different, the nurse who assisted us at the pulmo lab is great with Johan. She kept on talking to him in a soothing voice and played with him till he was at ease with her. Well, Johan still cried but at least we were able to finish 1 Duavent nebule in 10 minutes.

He should also be nebulized every six hours for three days at home. I immediately sent a text brigade to my relatives who might have a nebulizer we could borrow for three days but apparently nobody owns one. I was thinking of traveling to Manila and buy one in Bambang where surely it would be cheaper but I don’t want to leave Johan at home and there was a transport strike scheduled for today which might make commuting hard. So hubby and I decided to just buy one from Mercury Drug, it costs us 3300 pesos.


I had no problem using the nebulizer on Johan. What I did was just turn on the TV to his BabyFirst TV channel, dump lots of toys and books in front of him and I was able to finish his 1 nebule of Duavent.

Giving him the antibiotics is a totally different matter. I should give him 3ml of Cefuroxime twice a day. The medicine tastes gross and I don’t blame Johan for not wanting to take it. I tried to give it to him in small doses using a dropper but every time he just vomits it out. I also tried putting it in with his formula but he doesn’t want to drink that either. That’s one big problem I have to find a solution for. Any suggestions?

Baby, please get well soon. Mommy is so scared and it pains me to see you sick. God bless you, Anak. Daddy and Mommy love you so much.

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Mar said...

I hope little baby Johan gets better. Here's wishing him the best of health at the soonest! - Mar
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