Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucky Me Post 2 - Hydrated


I’ve been using Nivea since I was a kid. I remember Mama putting on Nivea Creme on our bodies especially on our elbows and knees because according to her, Nivea will keep our skin soft and younger looking.

A few weeks ago, Nivea Philippines created an app on their Facebook page named “Glamboard Express”. This app will allow you to create a look using Mango apparel, accessories and shoes. Nivea Philippines will then choose one winner per day that would receive NIVEA Express Hydration Lotion Goodie Bags and one winner weekly that gained the most number of votes that will win 3,000 pesos worth of shopping money from Mango.

I joined on the first week with my entry “Sassy Sunday”.


This entry made me win a goodie bag from Nivea which included these:


Thank you so much, Nivea Philippines!

To know more on the latest products and promos of Nivea Philippines head on over to the Facebook page here.

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