Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lucky Me Post 3 – Naturally White


Oh how I wish God gave me a natural white complexion but nevertheless there’s always Olay.

Keigh Jalbuena, the pretty and sweet lady behind Delishoes Servings recently had a birthday giveaway on her blog. She had it in six installments. Yes, she had six great giveaways for her birthday and I was so lucky to win the one that I coveted the most, Olay products!

I won 1000 pesos worth of Olay (those in the photo above), though I haven’t claimed it yet because on the day that Keigh and I were supposed to meet, I had to cancel on the last minute because we had to bring Johan to the hospital. Another meet up was scheduled but this time, Keigh will be meeting up with my sister instead. I hope to meet you in the future, Keigh, to thank you personally for these.

Well, I’m sure my mom and my MIL will be the ones who will take most of my loot. Oh well, sharing is fun, I’d be happy to have at least the soaps so please leave them for me, okay? Oh and RK, you can have the Foaming Cleanser as a thank you for meeting up with Keigh.

Watch out for the last installment of these Lucky Me posts, I’m sure your jaws will drop with what I won.

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