Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Things I Miss

I woke up to an overcast sky and felt very nostalgic very early in the morning.
  • I miss my friend Cherry. We used to work together in Alabang until I resigned and moved to another company. We still hung out even after my resignation but when I got married and moved to Manila we saw each other less. “Bru, I miss our movie and Starbucks dates. Our daily laugh trips over RX’s Top Ten and the Boys’ Night Out kalokohan.”
  • I miss walking along Madrigal Business Park and Ayala Ave. at night. I used to work on the night shift and even though scary at times I find it peaceful to walk at night – less people, less vehicles, less pollution.
  • I miss being able to scour the streets of Divisoria and going to Quiapo Church on a first friday. This huge baby bump is the reason why I can’t go anymore. :)
  • Of course, it is exciting that Johan is going to arrive soon, but there are times like these that I miss being single and just make plans for myself. This feeling doesn’t linger anyway and goes away as fast as it came.

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