Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess the Body Part


Our little Johan is moving less these past few days. Probably because there’s not much space inside my tummy to move around. But, just the other night as I was preparing to sleep I felt my tummy bunch up in the middle and it became really pointy. Then something long and thin reflected on the left side of my tummy. My husband came to the bed and we inspected it. We exchanged guesses me guessing that it was probably Johan’s arm but hubby said it could be his leg. Well, whatever it is, it sure made us both excited and more anxious to meet this little man. I’ll be 40 weeks tomorrow according to Babystrology on my side bar and we are hoping that Johan comes out soon so I won’t have to be induced by my OB next week.

So excited!!

Photo above courtesy of Corrine’s Blog.

1 comment:

Newlyweds said...

aww...cutey pag ganun.. hoping he comes out na..ehehhe

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