Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting Ready

I'm almost 5 months pregnant and by now I already have a boxful of baby clothes given by my cousins and my sister-in-law. There are more baby clothes waiting to be handed down to me from my brother's baby. I don't really mind getting hand-me-downs since the baby will outgrow most of the clothes anyway. But, I would still buy some cute things for my baby like rompers, blankets, lots and lots of cloth diapers, some nice little outfits for going out. All that can wait, at least, until we know the baby's gender. Hopefully, we'll know by tomorrow when we visit my Gyne for our monthly prenatal check-up. "Please, please Little One, be cooperative and let Mommy and Daddy see our litte boy/girl."

For now, here are some of the baby clothes given to us:

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