Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yummy Lunch!

As usual, I had another food craving early in the morning. I thought I am smelling Sinigang na Hipon all around the house even though nobody is cooking or eating Sinigang na Hipon. So, when lunchtime came, I was making 'kulit' again to hubby that we eat out. I wanted to eat Sinigang na Hipon at Max's Restaurant. He said, "ang sosyal ni baby ha, ang mahal ng gusto." What else can he do? Nothing, so he gave in. Yay!

When we were there already and were looking at the menu I saw a picture of Gambas con Aligue and immediately changed my mind. Hubby said, "Akala ko ba gusto mo ng Sinigang na Hipon?", to which I replied, "Mas gusto ko to may taba ng alimango, mas mura pa." He then thought to order the Crabmeat Fried Rice since I'm in the mood for crab daw. 

Yummy, yummy lunch! I super enjoyed this mini date with my husband and again thanked him for giving in to my food cravings. Even if he's so 'tamad' to get up and go out of the house, he still did it for me (knowing that nowadays it would take so much for me to eat even a small amount of food, he gladly gives in everytime I am craving for something). Thanks so much, Hubby. I can't wait till next Sunday! I wonder what to eat then. =)

Here are a couple of pics of our superb lunch today, taken from the internet (I am so hungry earlier, I forgot to take pics of the food):

Credit of the pics goes to HappyFoodies for the Gambas con Aligue photo and Max's Restaurant for the Crabmeat Fried Rice photo.


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