Thursday, February 25, 2010

I miss home

After getting married, I moved in with my husband and his family here in Manila. It's at least a couple of hours travel from my parents house in Laguna where I grew up. Now, being pregnant and a difficult one at that, makes me more emotional and terribly makes me miss home. How I wish I could go home to my parents but under doctor's orders I have to stay in bed for a couple more weeks and refrain from traveling.

What I miss most:

  • My father's head massage with Vicks Vaporub. Everytime I have a headache, Papa would always take his Vicks Vaporub from the shelf and massage my temples.
  • Mama's Chicken Noodle Soup and Ginisang Giniling. I cannot find anything close to how my mom cooks those two dishes.
  • Watching corny tagalog comedy movies with my youngest brother. My youngest brother laughs at the silliest antics. 
  • DVD marathons with my sisters or watching Ellen, Tyra and Oprah on cable tv.
  • Breakfast of pandesal, fried egg and coffee at our lanai. Mornings in Laguna are the best. Especially at Mama's garden where there are lots of flowers. 
  • Lying in bed with Mama and my sisters reading Yes Magazine. Mama loves that magazine and wishes to have a home like those of the celebrities being featured.
  • Biking around the subdivision. I used to ride the bike every morning for thirty minutes before Papa takes away his mountain bike to go to the tennis court for his daily tennis games.
  • Mama and Papa's fave pasalubong when I was still working in Alabang, Goldilocks Pancit Malabon and Fresh Lumpia.
  • Sharing glasses of Mango Shake and Fresh Pastillas with Papa. Papa loves the Fresh Pastillas from Goldilocks. (He would even cheat me on this and hide some pastillas and eat them when he thinks nobody is looking. But, he usually gets busted.)
  • Papa's old songs on a Sunday morning. This has been a ritual of his, to hear his idols: Frank Sinatra, Matt Monroe etc. and bug us with his singing on a quiet Sunday morning. Sometimes he also dances with Mama or one of his girls (me and my sisters) while singing.

This list can be endless but I'm afraid I might tear up again which is really the last thing that I need. I'll just get to bed early with memories of home to accompany me to sleep.

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