Saturday, February 13, 2010


They say when a pregnant woman craves for certain foods, it should not be disregarded. For 3 days, I've been wanting to eat "Kesong Puti" (white cheese made from carabao's milk). Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to find here in Manila. I've scoured the streets of Blumentritt every morning after I got off from shift but went home empty handed. I could not find a single vendor of "Kesong Puti". I didn't know how disappointing this is to a pregnant woman, but it really is. 

Luckily, thanks to my supportive MIL, she was able to find someone selling "Kesong Puti" at another market. So, yesterday, I was so happy and I ate four pandesals with "Kesong Puti" for lunch. Yummy!!!

Today, Saturday, as hubby and I were hanging out at home, I had the craving to eat tofu. I asked hubby if he could go out and find me tofu so we can fry it.  Well, he doesn't have any idea where he could find fresh tofu so he asked his mom to buy instead. When my MIL came back, she had with her a huge slab of very white tofu!

Hubby asked that MIL fry some slices of pork so he can have his tofu ala "Tokwa't baboy" while I ate mine as is, just plain fried tofu. We even had separate "sawsawan" because I do not want mine with onions, chili and garlic (which I used to enjoy). I just want mine to be a combination of soy sauce and vinegar. 

Two very simple food cravings but immensely enjoyed by an ever-growing tummy!

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