Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you

To my dear husband for keeping up with my mood swings and food cravings,

- thanks for getting up at 2 in the morning to buy me porksilog to satisfy my hunger

- thanks for these five days that I'm on bed rest, for always bringing me pasalubong (cheeseburger, chicken sandwich or spaghetti) every time you went home from work

- thanks for always urging me to eat something even if my tummy cannot take anything (solid or liquid), "it's for you and the baby", you say

- thanks for reminding me to take my medications on time (for stopping what you're doing to cheer me on, "kaya mo yan", when I'm gagging on those tablets)

- thanks for giving in to my food cravings (Carbonara lately) and for getting up even if you're too sleepy to accompany me to Greenwich for the Carbonara (even finishing up the rest of the dish when I can't already)

- thanks for hugging me and kissing me when I can't stop myself from crying the day we found out I had threatened abortion

- thanks for always hugging me as we lay down at night... and for holding my hand while your other hand rests on my tummy as we drift off to sleep.

Being pregnant makes one super emotional and extra sensitive. Thanks for keeping up with every change that I'm experiencing. You are one great husband and I know you will turn out to be one great dad as well. I love you.

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