Monday, February 8, 2010

This is it!

After almost three weeks (I thought) of having my period delayed, I finally had the courage to take a home pregnancy test this morning. I didn't hope for anything this time because the last time that I took a test, only one line appeared. So, imagine the joy I felt when two, very clear, very pink lines appeared on my kit! I immediately called my cousin who is working at the Metropolitan Hospital and asked her to schedule me for a consultation with an OB-GYN. I went to the hospital, underwent pap-smear, answered lots of questions from the OB, had my blood taken for blood typing, CBC and HBS (Hepa B Surface) Antigen, had a TVS (Transvaginal Sonogram) scheduled for the afternoon. I went home to have lunch and just went back to the hospital to have my TVS done. It is confirmed! I am 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant! What a wonderful birthday gift to hubby and me! We both turned 30 on Jan 31 and Feb 6, consecutively. Today is Feb 8, exactly 9 mos after we got married. God does answer prayers!

*We'll keep on praying, because the TVS has to be repeated after a month, baby's heart rate is slow at 94BPM when it should be at least 110 BPM.**

**I just relayed the good news to my hubby who is at work, he called and asked me the results, I can't help but cry (I am such a crybaby!). I am just really happy.**

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