Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Johan went Trick or Treating

It was his first time and, of course, I became a stage mom. I was so sure he'd look really cute dressed like Russell, the Wilderness Explorer, from the movie Up so just a week away from the date of the activity, the three of us trooped to SM to search for his costume. Luckily, I managed to complete Russell's uniform, had the neckerchief made from orange cloth and the sash from a brown one. I printed out badges and taped as many as I can into the sash.

Come dress rehearsal a day before the activity, Johan didn't want to put on his costume! I was so worried for I didn't know how to convince the boy to put even the shirt on. Then I had this idea, I remembered how cooperative Johan became when it comes to brushing his teeth after I downloaded cartoon videos of kids (and animals) brushing their teeth and had him watch those. I immediately went online, downloaded a copy of the movie Up and had Johan watch it a few hours before we leave the house. I also pinned all the additional details like the sash and the neckerchief onto the shirt so that'll mean less things to have Johan put on - just make him put on the shirt and his outfit is complete!

Everything I did proved to be effective because Johan allowed me to put him into his Russell costume when it was time. Boy, was I so surprised because there was not an ounce of resistance coming from the little guy. And he looked really, really, really cute!

Yes, he's missing one badge which he managed to take out just a minute
after I put it on him

Showing off his treats


It looks like he's doing a salute but he's merely "looking" for the car

It was just a short event but I'm glad my son got to experience it. However, all of his treats are hidden somewhere in the house where he can't find them. Despite that, I'm sure he enjoyed the short time that he was allowed to eat treats without me waving my finger at him and telling him, "no".

This'll definitely happen again next year. Hmm, what will Johan wear next time?

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