Monday, November 19, 2012

Divisoria Shopping 2012

It has always been my goal to start Christmas shopping early but I've never been successful the past years either because I was too busy at work or I don't have the budget until the 13th month bonus arrives. Thankfully this year, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping!

Crowded Divisori Street and it's not even 8am!

My sister and I scheduled a trip to Divisoria last Saturday together with our mom and Tita. We decided not to give toys from Divisoria because of the toxic chemicals that those toys might contain. I was holding my list the entire time so as not to miss out on anybody and I am so glad that I completed the gifts for everybody on my list. Well, except for my Titas because I am yet to buy my gifts for them on our next grocery visit. (Now, they have a clue on what to expect! Hehehe!)

Christmas wrappers aplenty!

When it was time to pick Christmas wrappers, my sister and I had a very hard time choosing. Why? Because there were a lot, as in a lot! Everything is beautiful and cheaply priced! We were even contemplating on starting up a gift-wrapping business just because we were so caught up with the many beautiful wrapping papers that surrounded us that day. The ones that we got only costs Php 2.40 each. We also got gift tags priced at merely Php 10.00 for a hundred pieces. Now, isn't that cheap?

Posing under the sign which is coincidentally the same as my husband's surname.
And yes, I know, I'm fat. :)

Anyway, aside from Christmas gifts, my sister and I are also looking forward to this Divisoria trip because this is when we can usually buy clothes for ourselves and at the same time, search for outfits for each of our company Christmas Parties. I am to look for something that would be perfect for a masquerade ball because that's our company's theme this year. We will be having our party at the newly-opened Acacia Hotel Manila which located in Alabang.

It was so hard to look for dresses and gowns. All I was seeing there were mostly bridesmaid's dresses and wedding gowns! I almost bought an aqua colored tube gown if not for the fact that my "fatty" armpits are all over the place. Haha!

Luckily though, I saw a gray colored gown in one of the mannequins. I was hesitant because by the look of it, it seemed way beyond my budget. I don't want to spend too much on a gown that I am not certain I'll be able to wear again. But, because it truly looked elegant and it looks like it'll hide my bulging tummy (and fatty armpits), I gave it a go and tried it on. 

It fit! It's a medium and it fits me! The first gown I tried on was a medium and the seams looked like they're about to burst. But this gray gown fit me like it was made for me. I was afraid to ask for the price fearful that I might not be able to purchase it but when the saleslady gave me the price and allowed me to haggle three hundred pesos off the original price, I was ecstatic! Now, I am really excited for our party!

My gown

This Divisoria trip was a huge success! Now, all that is left to do wrap all those presents - my favorite Christmas task! I can't wait!

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