Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Food Trip - Magic Wok

It was our plan to try the newly-opened branch of J.Co Donuts at the Alabang Town Center. We arrived there around 5:45 in the afternoon and were told that they ran out of donuts and they'll be serving a new batch at 7:00 in the evening.

My friends and I then decided to go to the Food Court to have dinner. Yep, we ended up in the Food Court because we were all short on the budget this week given that it was the third week since our last payday. Hehe!

We all ordered from Magic Wok. They offer a wide variety of rice toppings and looking at the pictures on their menu, everything looked delicious. It took us more than a few minutes to decide what to order.

Lechon Macau with Kangkong - Php 89.00

TJ and I both ordered the Lechon Macau with Kangkong. It was very tasty and surprisingly so good for its price of only Php 89.00. There's more than enough slices of pork and the Kangkong leaves were fresh and crisp

Mixed Seafood Oriental - Php 89.00

Grace ordered the Mixed Seafood Oriental. I would've ordered the same but when Grace's order was served, I found only a scarce amount of seafood on her bowl. But, it tasted great according to her despite having only one piece of shrimp and a couple or so of squids. :)

Complimentary Egg Drop Soup

Each serving of rice topping came with a complimentary bowl of Egg Drop Soup. It's just so-so but still appreciated as it warmed up our hungry tummies.
Siomai House Pork Siomai - Php 25.00

TJ treated us to an order each of Pork Siomai from Siomai House. Mine proved to be too spicy for my taste as TJ accidentally put more than a few scoops of chili so I only finished two of the four pieces.

This is by far, the cheapest Friday Food Trip we've ever had but it was the most fun ever. We were laughing all the while we're eating and we didn't even have to shell out that much money. J.Co Donuts will be on another Friday Food Trip post because the line to the cashier was too long when we returned to the store and I was too impatient to wait in line. :)

                       Total Costs: 
                       Php 178.00 - Lechon Macau with Kangkong x 2
                       Php 89.00 - Mixed Seafood Oriental
                       Php 75.00 - Pork Siomai x 3
                       Php 342.00

Magic Wok
Food Court 2nd Flr Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City Philippines

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