Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gotta Get The Groove Back


Looking at my blog archive, I realized I've been neglecting this blog. I haven't written any new posts since December 9th. 

I really don't know what's wrong with me but I've lost the drive to write. I can't find any inspiration. The past few weeks have been stressful and I don't want to taint my blog with any more negativity so I decided to remain silent.

Honestly, I am trying to get the groove back. I am doing my best to find my center. I am currently reading an ebook copy of The Secret which my sister sent me. I've been practicing the "Three Deep Breathes" technique I've read about from the book Buddha Never Raised Kids and Jesus Didn't Drive Car Pool by Vickie Falcone and for a few days I swear it worked. Until today.

I lost it. I just had to get out of the house, take a walk alone and calm down. I was out a good 15-20 minutes and even if it helped letting the steam out, it didn't really solve the problem. So, when I arrived home I still had to voice out what I was feeling.

Not a good idea. I ended up having an asthma attack which I haven't had since I was 3 months pregnant with Johan. I was asthma-free for a year until today.

So, I am now making a pact to myself. Do not let things bother you. Just take three deep breathes and find your center. Pray harder. 

Hopefully, 2012 will be more promising than 2011 has been.
  1. Less stress I hope. 
  2. Well, please make it less people that bring stress. 
  3. Better yet, make it a new home where there won't be any of those on number 2.
That's more like it.

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Jhan said...

I hope whatever it will be soon resolved.

Have that big faith in you. Your desires will be given. Just patiently wait.

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