Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 3rd Month Birthday, Johan!

Our little man turned three months! How time flies. Here are some of his milestones:

  • He's beginning to show signs of turning over on his tummy. He starts with squirming while lying down until he's able to turn sideways (always on the right) that almost make him turn over on his tummy, almost but not quite. Maybe one of these days, baby.
  •  He now makes sounds when he laughs. Before, his were just open-mouthed-no-sound-coming-out kind of laughs, now there are gurgling sounds at the back of his throat with matching "tili" pa.
  • He now weighs 6.75 kilos and his pedia said he's big for his age.
  • He's upgraded from the small feeding bottle to the big bottle, from 4 oz every two hours to 6 oz every two hours or whenever he's hungry. (I should do something about my dwindling milk supply or I should just accept that it has stopped already than stress myself out everytime I pump just 1 oz everyday)
  • He's already "maharot" wanting us to tickle him on his sides, armpits and tummy and he'll give us that most charming smile and super cute laugh.

Johan always, always looking at his cake 

Photo ops with Mommy 

Our charming little one with spiked hair (c/o Mommy) before blowing his cake

Johan's Chocolate Marble Cake from Goldilocks

Happy 3rd month Birthday, Anak! 

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Mamee Nani said...

ambilis! 3 months na c baby johan! so cute :) clap clap clap for johan's spiked hair.

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