Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Dream Board

What is a dream board? A dream board is a powerful visualization tool that uses the Law of Attraction to help you attract what you want in life. I already cut and pasted magazine cut outs on my BDJ Power Planner Dream Board but I missed out on a few things because I could not find pictures in any of my magazines. So, here is a version of my Dream Board, I hope I can find the motivation to achieve these dreams. I hope you can, too. So, start your own dream boards and let's work our way towards the fulfillment of our dreams.

A walk-through my board:

1. A house of our own (with cozy living room, modern kitchen, warm bedroom and an all white bathroom)

2. Our own car

3. Trip to Santorini, Greece (it has been a lifelong dream to visit this place, just look at the picture and you'll know why - it is breathtaking)

4. Buy a new phone this year (I don't want the Iphone as it's too expensive and I think it is just for "yabang" factor, I want either the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic or the Nokia E71)

5. Save up to 100,000 pesos in the bank at the end of 2010

6. A Dell red or pink mini laptop

7. Get pregnant.

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