Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Education for the Undomesticated Me

My parents both worked when I was growing up hence the reason behind me and my siblings being raised by yayas. I was used to having my meals set already from the time I woke up until I came home after school. My clothes washed and ironed for me. Even when I left home and stayed at a dorm during college, I never washed my clothes, I would either bring home my laundry every weekends to have it washed at home or bring them to a laundry shop. Nor did I cooked my meals as me and my dorm mates would just eat out to nearby fastfood chains or canteens or if our budget won't allow it we'll just settle on the ever-reliable Century Tuna or Lucky Me Pancit Canton.

So, it is no surprise when I end up an ignorant undomesticated wife.

Cleaning is no problem for me, it's an easy task that I can perform. The hard chores for me are washing the clothes, ironing and the worst would be cooking. The first time that I washed my husband and mine's one week's load of laundry I felt really bad for myself. I felt "kawawa" because imagine the volume of clothes (shirts, jeans, jackets and even towels) and I have to do it by hand. We don't own a washing machine yet. When I was finished my back was aching, my hands looked like the hands of an old lady and I've got scratches on my wrists and fingers. It's hard but I at least did it. 

Ironing is hard as it would mean standing up for at least an hour. We even bought one of those steam irons that you can see at the Home Shopping Network. You fill the tube with water, press the button and your shirt is ironed out front and back with just a few swipes. You can even hang your clothes when you use the steam iron so you don't have to use the ironing board at all. That tool is of great help to me, it makes the job easier and faster plus it is energy saving as it does not consume electricity unless you press the button.

Now, the hardest is cooking. Sure, I can fry eggs and the like, I can cook rice, I can do the famous adobo, but the taste buds of my husband's is entirely different from mine. The first time that he asked me to cook, it was tapa with gravy sauce, more like the sizzling type. Difficulty level for this dish would only be minimal as the gravy sauce is instant, you just pour in water and mix, the tapa is only fried. I don't know what I did wrong but the end product tastes like very salty, burnt tapa. Even the gravy sauce tastes different. Haha! I was fighting back tears when me and my husband were already eating because I can see that he's just forcing himself to eat what I cooked. After we ate, I immediately went to the bathroom and cried. =) 

Well, at least my only problem would be cooking, my husband cooks well and I know that he'll do that willingly for as long as when I learned how to cook just so he won't have to endure another of my cooking disasters. Maybe I'll borrow my mom's cookbooks or maybe I'll enroll in a culinary class. Dream on... Haha!

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