Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie Theatre Pet Peeves

I really hate it when:

1. People won't turn off their phones or at least set it in silent mode when inside the theatre.

2. People won't stop explaining the movie to their seatmates. 

3. People answer calls during a movie unmindful of the others that can't quite hear the movie but can hear their conversation very clearly. People can be soo thick.

4. Kids blabbering away, throwing a tantrum with the parents not doing anything about it. I think kids shouldn't be allowed inside the theatres, unless they're 6 and above to understand the movie.

5. People putting up their feet on the seats infront of them. Hello! There are people infront of you. Manners, please!

6. People who can't hold it in and have to go to the bathroom every few minutes. Please, just find a seat closer to the exit points so you won't have to bother the people sitting next to you whenever you have to stand and go to the bathroom.

All these me and hubby had to endure during the almost three hours of watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It wouldn't have been that bad if only the movie was great. But, no. Harry Potter 6 sucks. 

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