Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tomorrow's a Friday and unlike everybody I'm not too excited about the weekend. I'll be undergoing an Endoscopy procedure on Sunday for my GERD (Gastro Esophagial Reflux Disease) and it scares me to death. I'm super afraid of injections (see Why I hate hospitals? post), what more if a tube is to be inserted into my mouth??!! 

Anyway, just to divert my mind from thinking about the procedure too much, I listed here my to-do list for tomorrow. I've got a lot to do with so little time.

1. Go to the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) office and register. I'm 29 y/o and yes, I will be a first time voter next year. Haha! I'm not too proud about it but then it's better to be late than never. For registration procedure go to the BagongBotante website.

2. Pay bills. Our electric, credit card and broadband connection bills all arrive during this time of the month but our electric bill has not been delivered yet. 

3. Have some of my mock christmas gifts printed out. =) I know it's too early for Christmas but then I don't want to rush and I wanted to give out gifts that are personalized. I tried creating some and I just want to see the print outs if they're okay to be given as gifts. If not, then I'll think of other ideas.

4. Drop by Divisoria and scout around for Christmas gift ideas. It's better to be early to avoid the holiday rush, the prices are way cheaper these days than during the Christmas season, it won't stretch the wallet as I plan to buy a few gifts this payday and then the next payday until my list is completed. I don't want to spend my 13th month pay come December as it will be allotted to my savings account. 

5. Wash and iron clothes. I won't be here in Manila this weekend because the procedure will be done in Laguna. So, my weekend chores should be done tomorrow.

I wish I could accomplish all of these and then I will worry about the Endoscopy. =)

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