Monday, April 8, 2013

Road Trip to Liliw, Laguna

Liliw is one of the 27 municipalities in the province of Laguna. It is well known for the shoe industry where most of the sellers get their stocks from if not from shoe capital of the Philippines, Marikina.

I have been to Liliw, if I'm not mistaken, 10 years ago with hubby (then boyfriend) and two of our closest friends. We planned on staying at  the Liliw Resort for three days and two nights but the eerie forest fronting our cottage and the incessant falling of fruits (?) on our roof freaked me out and sent me (with hubby) running home just after a night of stay. Hehe!

Back to the present, my sisters and I have been talking about getting on a road trip to Liliw, Laguna just to hoard pairs and pairs of slippers and shoes. Initially, our cousin's family was supposed to join us but plans changed just a day before our trip and it ended with just our family proceeding with our plans.

We all squeezed into my sister's car and left home around 10 in the morning. It drizzled a bit while we're on our way but a slight drizzle didn't dampen our spirits. We went on with the trip, missed our turn a few times, asked for directions, shifted in our seats, looked for a place to eat and before we knew it, we have arrived.

St. John the Baptist Church or Liliw Church

We weren't able to go inside the church as all of us except our parents were wearing shorts. After we took some souvenir shots, we walked out of the church grounds and looked for a place to eat. My sister was right when she said there are no fast food chains in Liliw. We were lucky we were able to find a roadside eatery that serves decent food. We ordered Pancit Guizado, a whole Roasted Chicken, Chosuey, 7 cups of rice, a 2L bottle of Coke and 1 Halo-halo for my father. Our bill was cheaper than expected, just a few pesos over Php 500.00!

I was happy I was able to save a few hundreds during lunch because that meant I have a few extra hundreds to splurge on what we came to Liliw for - shoes!

I was a bit disappointed though as most of the shops sell identical pairs of shoes and I wasn't able to find a lot of pairs that were worth buying. I was only able to buy two pairs of sandals and one pair of flats. :(

Prices from left to right: Php 200, 230, 270

We also dropped by Liliw Bakeshop to buy Pianono. My sister said they make the yummiest Pianono. And she was right.

Aside from the shoes, there are other stuff you can find along the roads of Liliw. We saw an old lady selling live baby crabs and tasty-looking longganisa. Johan was too scared to go closer to the baby crabs and I, in true senior moment fashion (I blame it on the epidural!), forgot to buy some of the longganisa.

After shopping, we all got in the car and drove the short distance to Liliw Resort. I only remember the resort as having plenty of trees, the cold water of the stream and the rows of cottages. So, we were really surprised when we entered the gate to the resort and were greeted by this steep, muddy road downhill. My mom and my two sisters even had to walk their way down to the resort to make the car lighter and easier to maneuver.

Their muddy walk and our bumpy ride were made worth it by the scenery that greeted us when we entered the resort.

Johan wanted to get into the water right away but the water proved to be too cold and I was scared he'd get sick if I allow him to swim. So, I just made him sit at the river bank and made him throw stones into the water, gave him leaves and made them float.

Even if Johan didn't get into the water, I am sure he still had a grand time bonding with his Tito A-san (how he pronounce my youngest brother's name, Lian)

We walked around the resort and took pictures, lots of it.

Our Liliw road trip sure was tiring but it was a lot of fun. We didn't spend too much during this trip but we all enjoyed the cool shades of the trees and the relaxing sound of the flowing water. We just absorbed the beauty and serenity that only nature can bring and basked in the wonderful company that only a family can provide.

Here's to looking forward to more road trips with the fam in the coming years!

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