Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lunch at RSM Lutong Bahay

My bestfriend, Mhy, came home from Singapore last Wednesday for a quick vacation. They will also be bringing their son to his Dev Ped for his scheduled assessment. A year ago, Ethan was diagnosed with Autism, he's undergone speech and occupational therapy since then and they're really looking forward to his second assessment with the Dev Ped. After the assessment, Mhy and her husband Bong were really happy with the results. According to the doctor, Ethan's mental age is that of a 23.5 month old child, which really is not that far from his actual age of 30 months.

To celebrate the good news, they decided to go out of town and check in at the Taal Vista Hotel last Friday. Mhy called me to ask if we can go there by Saturday so we could meet up even just for lunch so we could see each other before she heads back to Singapore.

Well, Tagaytay is my favorite place after all and it's only 30 minutes away from home, so I really couldn't say no. :)

We met up and had lunch at RSM Lutong Bahay. The place has been renovated since the last time my husband and I went there. Additional dining areas have been installed in what used to be an open area at the back of the restaurant.

Here are what we ordered:


Everything tasted great! For our drinks, I ordered the Calamansi Juice with Honey as I wanted something refreshing, Mhy and Bong ordered fresh Buko juice and my husband ordered Mocha Milk Shake which he shared with Johan.

While eating, we talked about a lot of things - Ethan's development, Johan's funny antics, plans for the future. It was just a short date for both our families but I am just as glad that we got to meet up and catch up even for just a few hours. 

Before leaving, Johan saw this Lion wooden statue and he just wouldn't budge until we allowed him to ride and had his picture taken. Here he is showing what sound the Lion makes:

I know there are now far too many Tagaytay entries on this blog and there'll be more to come because Tagaytay truly is my happy place.

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