Monday, November 14, 2011

The Missing Phone

Yesterday, Johan kept on taking my phone away while I was exchanging text messages with my sister. I know that he wanted to watch his nursery rhymes videos which I downloaded to my phone. So, after sending one last text to my sister, I gave in to Johan's request and played his video. I was watching the news while Johan remained riveted to my phone.

Then I heard my phone beep alerting me of a new message. When I turned to take it from Johan, my phone is nowhere to be found. Johan is quietly sitting on his potty (no, he isn't potty training yet) watching the news with me all the while that I thought he's watching his video on my phone.

I looked around thinking he probably left my phone lying on the floor or under the potty but it's not there. I tried asking Johan but he wouldn't take his attention off the television. During the commercial break, I tried asking him again and he looked at me, went down his potty, put up the seat cover and voila! 

Here is your phone, Mommy!

My sister (the one I was texting before the phone went MIA) was laughing and said to Johan, "Next time, Johan, make sure that you used the potty before throwing in Mommy's phone." Ha.ha. Very. Funny.


Yola Thorp said...

aww cute!

Jenine said...

cute! :)

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