Monday, November 21, 2011

That Big Red Bee

What's with Jollibee that makes the kids drawn to their mascot every time they see him (assuming he's a guy)? All of the Jollibee parties that I attended were all huge successes because of this mascot. Some kids run under a table or hide behind their mommies at the mere sight of him but most kids would jump in glee and welcome that big red bee with the hugest of hugs and squeals of delight.

Some would even follow him around persistently.

Johan is no different. Every time we go to the mall and we pass by a Jollibee store, he points to it with his finger and would wriggle out of our arms until we bring him closer so he could touch Jollibee's face.

I don't know what's with this mascot but I'm happy that he's there to make the kids (and the kids at heart) smile, laugh and have fun.

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