Monday, November 28, 2011

What's your Baon?

My son, obviously, likes to eat. He's never picky. Give him any food and he'll instantly grab it and put it in his mouth. However, it's a bit different when it comes to crackers or biscuits.

When he began teething and eating solids already, I started giving him bread sticks to munch on. He didn't really use teethers. Don't ask me why but I guess I just find it too time consuming to regularly wash, sterilize and dry the teethers.

Usually, we just bring a pack of bread sticks with us whenever we go out for Johan's snack. But now that he turned one, he began being picky with his biscuits. He would refuse to eat his bread sticks and would throw them on the floor. What I did was introduce different types of biscuits.

There's a chocolate variety of the Stick Wafer but I refuse to give chocolates or anything chocolate flavored to Johan until he turns two (crossing my fingers). Good thing is he liked the Strawberry flavored ones, just like me.

I pack a few pieces of each kind in a food container so when we go out the biscuits don't get squished in the diaper bag and end up crushed. Believe me, it's better this way, there was one time I had to feed Johan with crushed stick wafers and it was one huge mess. The crumbs were all over me, Johan and our seatmates in the van. Hihihi. Sorry, guys.

How about you? What do you bring for your kid's snacks? 

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