Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Different Christmas

It's December once again and I hear Christmas carols everywhere I go.  It's a little hard for me to get in  the spirit of Christmas given the fact that I am now a stay-at-home wife, with no monthly income. For the past years, since I started working, I would have my list ready during this time of the year. My list would be categorized into groups: officemates, friends, aunts, uncles, female cousins, male cousins, nephews, nieces, godchildren, siblings and parents. 

This year would be different as lacking the financial resources that I once had, I have to say "pass" to gift-giving this year. I know I could always ask hubby for some shopping money but it won't be the same. It always felt good (I admit, a little proud even) to spend my hard-earned salary in buying gifts for everyone. Even the bumps and push along the streets of Divisoria, wrapping each present myself and signing the gift tags are quite enjoyable. 

As Christmas draws near I know it will be a little more difficult for me. It makes me sad not be able to bring gifts for everybody come December 25th but then I kept telling myself that gift-giving is just icing on the cake. To be with my family over Christmas Day lunch and dinner, to laugh with everyone and to relish the moment that we all went out of our ways just to be reunited as always (every year) on Christmas Day... I feel better already. 

There's always next year anyway. =)

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