Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Online Streaming

As much as I love reading books, I am also a certified movie junkie. My movie genres range from the musicals like HS Musical and Dream Girls to adventures like National Treasure and The Mummy series and it doesn't hurt to watch a few chick flicks every now and then. Today, I was able to watch the new flick of Sandra Bullock "All About Steve". My rating would be just 2 thumbs up. The movie is nice but I didn't laugh as hard as I did with Ms. Congeniality. All About Steve is a feel-good movie, nice ending but it lacks in funny points. There are new uploads on the streaming site and I already have my entire week planned out with one movie per day. 

Wednesday, Nov 25 - Planet 51

Thursday, Nov 26 - The Boat That Rocked

Friday, Nov 27 - 2012 (if I still have the time because my best friend will be coming in from SG and I am required to spend the entire day with her)

Saturday, Nov 28 - A Christmas Carol

Sunday, Nov 29 - This day is off because this would be New Moon day! Hubby and I will watch New Moon on the big screen, hopefully, there won't be as much people in the cinemas as there was on the opening day. We let the first week of showing pass so we could avoid the crowded theaters.

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