Friday, December 18, 2009

I want the BDJ 2010 Planner for Christmas

I am a self-confessed OC that loves planning ahead and making lists. Birthdays, expenses, daily chores, books I've read, monthly and yearly goals - everything is listed down, believe me. So having a planner is a must for me.

While everyone is going gaga over the 2010 Starbucks Planner (it does look good but spending a lot of money just to get it is so impractical for me), I am gearing towards the less expensive one yet almost as good if not better than the Starbucks one. It's the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2010. Besides having the usual pages for daily scheds, the BDJ Planner also has sections for goal setting, budget, various articles on health, beauty and career, and like the Starbucks planner it also has discount coupons from many lifestyle brands such as: All Flip Flops, Urban Salon, Celine, CMG, Folded and Hung, Michellis, Pizza Hut, Plains and Prints - to name a few. 

The BDJ Planner is the one for me so please, anyone, gift me one for Christmas?

(The "anyone" I'm referring to is my sister, RK, which I hope reads this post, hehe!)

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone!

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