Monday, April 25, 2011

Johan’s First Summer Outing

Last Saturday, April 23rd, officially started the summer for Johan. He went to his first ever summer outing with his Tan relatives. I am very excited for this because I know how much Johan loves his bath time especially these days when it’s humid from morning till evening. He loves splashing water in his tub at home and I cannot wait to see him have fun in a real swimming pool. Even his Loly (my mom) is excited for this that she bought him a swimsuit even if I already bought him a pair of trunks.

I prepped him up the morning of the event, I talked to him and told him to enjoy the day and please don’t make a repeat of his performance during his cousin Cyrus’ birthday a few weeks back where he cried his lungs out almost all throughout the event.

He was okay when we arrived at the resort. He was smiling at my siblings and my parents. But, when my other relatives talked to him this began:


So, we changed him into the swimsuit that my mom bought and look at how cute he looks in it:

 DSCF4986 our little wrestler

Then we went to the pool area and…I’ll let the photos do the talking:

DSCF4976He’s still doing good

1Moving a bit farther from the pool side, still good

2 The crying started..

3and went on…

4 and on even when we’re out of the pool.

We guessed it was the cold water in the pool that made him uncomfortable and the many people calling his name. So, we ended up here:


Doing these:




Even if Johan spent (almost) the entire day crying, it was still a good experience for him and our family. We get to capture priceless moments in photos and it was a good bonding experience for Mommy, Daddy and Cry Baby. =)

 12 5 11

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

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