Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy 6th Month Birthday, Johan!

Today Johan now weighs 9kg and measures 70cm! According to his pedia, his development is already for an eight to nine-month-old baby! We had his well baby check up today and his pedia said that he is doing very well health-wise.

What he can do at six months:

  • hold his toes
  • say Daaa-dyyy!
  • little bits of crawling
  • answer back when being talked to (mostly gurglish but still..)
  • had his first solid food – banana mixed with his formula
  • move objects from one hand to another (proof that his motor skills are doing very well)
  • push himself backwards and sideways while riding his walker


DSCF4522Sorry for the cake baby, we need to cut down our expenses for this month. We’ll make it up next month. =)

 DSCF4480 Johan before his first taste of solids

DSCF4485 After his first taste of mashed ripe banana mixed with his formula – taste test =)

DSCF4497 Johan looked like he’s being fed with indian mango instead of ripe banana! Haha! We’ll try again tomorrow, baby!

DSCF4505 Johan and Mommy photo ops

Happy 6th month birthday, baby! Daddy and Mommy love you!

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