Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Need Your Likes

I know there would be a huge probability that I’d be a stage mother. As young as he is, I’ve entered Johan’s photos to various contests online and we’re still waiting for that one huge win. Now with all the hype surrounding that huge wedding that’ll happen tomorrow in London, Youji&Me thought of hosting a photo contest in commemoration to the supposedly “Wedding of the Century”. And of course, I joined. This time, though, the photo entry is a wedding picture but the prize is still for my baby.

I posted my favorite wedding photo to Youji&Me’s Facebook wall and we need your likes for us to win a SILVER CROSS Dazzle Pushchair for our Johan. Oh please, I so want to win this!

Dazzle_Blueberry small_1

To vote please like Youji&Me on Facebook here.

And then like our wedding photo here.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up on May 8th so please just give us your votes as your anniversary gift to us. =)


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