Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Sick Son

After traveling back and forth on Christmas and spending the holidays in three houses, the stress of the Christmas season got to our son. As soon as we arrived back home in Cavite on the 27th he developed a cold that won’t go away even after I gave him the medicine his pedia recommended.

We spent the entire night of the 28th until the morning of the 29th carrying our overly fussy baby as he refused to be put down on his crib or on our bed. I was near tears already when I saw how he’s having a hard time trying to sleep, seeing how teary eyed he was because of his colds, how difficult it is for him to breath and how irritated he is by the way he rubs his entire face on my shoulder while I was carrying him. Kawawa talaga.

We were just able to put him to sleep at 6am on the 29th but he still has colds until today so I am still giving him his colds medicine and hoping he gets well before the new year starts.

DSCF2310Johan finally sleeping at 6am

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