Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Saturday in Photos

We went out last Saturday to do our grocery at SM Dasmarinas. Of course, the little boy went along with Mommy and Daddy. There was a nice little spot near the supermarket where you can have your picture taken with Santa Claus in a huge red couch with huge Christmas trees behind you for only 100 pesos. I would have wanted to have our picture taken but my son slept the entire time we were at the mall and won’t wake up even in Mommy nudged him several times, “Sorry, anak, if I tried waking you up. I just want to have your first Christmas documented in pictures.”

Anyway, here’s our simple Saturday in photos:

DSCF1999 On our way to the mall, here’s Johan looking out the window. A few moments after this picture was taken, he was already sound asleep.

DSCF2007 Of course, Mommy had to be in the picture too!

DSCF2010  Johan sleeping while Mommy eats her lunch. This was the first time I wore Johan outside our home and I was super scared to drop my hands for fear that the carrier would give but I soon got the hang of it and let go.

DSCF2011   Johan still sleeping even after Daddy and Mommy were done doing the groceries, had his baptism pictures printed and strolled a little around the mall. This picture was taken while waiting for Daddy bring the car around to pick us up at the mall entrance.

DSCF2016   Johan already awake at the car on our way home.

DSCF2018    This was how he looked like after Mommy took a long time removing him from the Chicco carrier and he’s already asking for milk.

DSCF2021     Johan smiling after drinking his milk.

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