Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Christmas as a Family

This is our first Christmas as a family and even if the holidays are pretty stressful (causing my milk supply to deplete, waahh!) it was memorable just the same.

My wish to celebrate Christmas Eve at our home instead of hubby’s was granted this year although we almost never made it because hubby was on call at work that day but decided to ditch work around 7pm so we could be on the road already and arrive at Loly’s and Papa Lolo’s house before midnight. I had the perfect first-Christmas Eve outfit for Johan that he never got to wear because he slept Christmas Eve away.

Christmas Day was spent on two venues, we first went to Tita Menia’s house in QC for lunch, Tita Menia is my Papa’s sister. Then we left around 2pm to go to the annual Christmas reunion of the Tan Clan, my Mama’s side of the family.

The day was super tiring but definitely worth it as we celebrated Christmas as a family. A great Christmas tradition that I want my son to grow up and look forward to.

DSCF2120Johan dressed up and ready for our drive to Loly’s and Papa Lolo’s house in Laguna – Christmas Eve

DSCF2127Johan asleep at midnight – Christmas Eve

DSCF2156Mommy and Johan photo ops beside Tita Menia’s tree

DSCF2186 Daddy and Johan at the Tan’s Christmas reunion – as usual camera shy ang Daddy

DSCF2155    First ever Christmas family picture

I'm looking forward to more Christmases in the future with my "mag-ama" and here's hoping you all had a wonderful one as we did!

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