Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thanks, Ma!

The old saying is true, "You won't know the value of your mom until you become a mom yourself."

My Mama has always been there for me - every hospital visit, every graduation ceremony, annual enrolment, she's even with me on some of my job applications right after graduation. She's that supportive and that's how much she loves me.

I never realized how much I truly value her until I gave birth to Johan. That's when I knew how much pain she went through when she gave birth to me and my five other siblings. The sleepless nights I am now having with Johan, the anxiety of raising a kid and the ups and downs of having a newborn was multiplied by six for her. Now, I can really say she's a super mom for going through all that compared to me who's always on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

When I was in labor on October 4, she again proved how a great mom she is to me. I sent her a text message at 3am telling her that I think my water bag broke. She was already awake and she told me she's on her way and that she'll meet me at the hospital. Unfortunately, she was not allowed inside the Delivery Room. She must have been a nervous wreck that entire 16 hours of my labor that she found a way how to enter the Labor Room without the nurses and the doctors noticing. She said she wanted to make sure I was okay. When she came in I just cried. It was such a relief when I saw her face and then she whispered to me, "Kaya mo yan, te. Lakasan mo lang ang loob mo and pray ka lang." She then slipped a rosary bracelet on my wrist and told me everything will be okay. And everything did turn out okay.

All throughout my pregnancy she traveled to and from Laguna to Manila just to visit me and to accompany me to the mall everytime I got bored. When we moved to Cavite right after we got discharged from the hospital, she was almost here everyday checking on me and Johan. She allowed me to rest the whole night and almost the entire day when Johan and I came to Laguna last Friday for a short vacation. Mama (and Papa) are the ones who get up at dawn to carry the crying Johan and to change his diaper. Mama was the one who put Johan to sleep lying on her chest. Even if she was too tired the whole day, she will always get up when Johan stirs in his sleep just so I could have that much needed rest.

Mama truly is exceptional and I love her more now that I have Johan.

We love you, Loli and we'll be back there in Pacita soon!

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