Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are family

I belong to a huge family of 6 kids and my mama and papa. Over the years, our family of eight extended to 9 when my brother RJ introduced his wife Cenie. Then we extended to 10 when Cenie gave birth to Cassandra, 11 when Cassandra's baby brother Cedric was born. 12 when my brother Paulo married Mildred on December of last year. May of this year, lucky 13th (as I would like to call him), my hubby Deck joined our family. We're close to having the 14th member of the family because Mildred is due to give birth to a baby boy anytime this week. She's 1 cm dilated already! Yey!

With some of us kids having our own families and our own jobs, it's quite hard to get the entire family together in one place. The last time that everyone's present is on my wedding day. Yesterday, November 21st, is my sister Roan's 26th birthday and she treated us to dinner at Seaside Macapagal for a sumptuous feast of seafood dishes. Even the very pregnant Mildred traveled all the way from Batangas! RJ and Cenie arrived pretty late but at least they came. 

We had fun with the food (our family is a huge fan of seafoods), sharing stories, laughing at the kids (Cedric and Cassandra) antics that we failed to take a picture of the entire family together. What a waste! Oh well, there's always a next time. =)

The Birthday Girl and Myself

My nephew Cedric munching on a piece of squid

Yummy Buttered Prawns

 A Platter of Buttered Prawns, Steamed Crab and Scallops

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