Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time, I got tons of it!

It's been a week since I filed my resignation from work and it's a huge understatement when I say, "I am getting a little bored." I got the whole day (and night) at my disposal, to do whatever I want to do, to go wherever I want to go. But due to the consistent rains pouring down the city, I'm stuck at home.

So, what else to do when you can't go out. Lots! Here are some of the things that take up most of my time now that I am officially a "B-U-M":

-Do the laundry. When I was still working, me and Hubby used to do the laundry only on weekends when both of us don't have to go to work. Now that I have the time, I do the laundry almost everyday so our dirty clothes won't pile up.

-Clean the house. Back then, I only clean our room because that's where we usually hang around even when there's no work, but now, I do the whole house as well. It takes about an hour or more, so that's more than an hour less of getting bored.

-Read. I still have a few books left from my last visit to Booksale. I have disciplined myself to make one book last at least a week to minimize my expenses on books. I used to read one book for one day so imagine how many books I have to buy to satisfy my daily cravings for a story. I'm now reading The Chamber by John Grisham - my favorite author.

-Play online games. I'm hooked to Zynga and Playfish games on Facebook. These games are what makes my days less boring. I already maxed out the levels in Farmtown and Restaurant City. I am now on the process of buying a house and designing my apartment in Yoville, I'm taking good care of my fishes in Fish World and I visit my pet every now and then in Pet Society. See, I am awfully busy these days. =)

-Post a blog, blog hop, answer surveys. Being stuck at home limits the topics for a blog so I am only updating this blog every few days. I visit the updated blogs on my blog roll and then I answer surveys if there is an available one.

-IM friends and relatives. It's nice that some people are concerned with how you are doing and how you're coping up with the post-resignation blues. 

It is pretty depressing when you allow the situation to get into your head and when you concentrate mainly on the fact that you are useless unemployed. What you should do is keep yourself active, don't stress yourself too much about unemployment, make yourself useful and keep yourself busy. There are a lot of things that can be done with time that you didn't usually have until now. That's what I am doing. =)

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