Tuesday, September 29, 2009

After the Storm

Two days after the storm "Ondoy" left the country, we are still on the process of cleaning the house. Floodwaters entered our living room on Saturday morning and less than an hour later our living room and kitchen were submerged in waist-deep muddy waters. We had no choice but to move some of the furniture upstairs and create a makeshift kitchen so we could still eat. Around 4 pm, electricity was cut off which makes it harder for us. There we were, with only the glow from a candle as a source of light, praying the rains would stop so the floodwaters won't rise anymore. It was a scary, sleepless, long evening for us. 

Thankfully, when we woke up on Sunday morning, the floodwater has dropped from waist-deep to knee-deep. We only waited a few hours until the waters finally subsided and we started our clean up. We had to bring down the furniture from the second floor of the house, we had to scrub the floors, the walls, the chairs and tables again and again so we could remove the mud. We are not yet through cleaning up until today. 

It's very tiring, my whole body is aching. Sentence for today, "an anodyne makes you feel good".

Anodyne: A source of soothing comfort.

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