Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yummy Avocado

Yesterday, my father-in-law arrived from Cavite. Whenever he or my mother-in-law comes to Manila, I always look forward to one particular pasalubong that they bring. Avocadoes. They only have one tree in their backyard but this particular tree is so abundant with fruits come avocado season. 

The avocadoes are really delicious and of good quality - the kind that cost a lot here in Manila - but my inlaws are againts on selling the harvest. They say that when you sell the fruits, the tree won't produce the same quality nor the same amount of fruits as when you give them away. Well, it doesn't matter to me if they don't sell it as long as I get a few kilos of the produce. =)

It is almost the end of the avocado season and that's the reason why I only got a few. Still, it will satisfy my cravings for fruits and sweets.

Avocado +  sugar + Alaska Evaporated Milk = Yummy Dessert!!

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