Monday, August 17, 2009

On conceiving

I never thought I would want to conceive this much. Sure, I wanted to have kids but never this eager that I find myself getting paranoid with the simple symptoms (?) like lack of appetite (i'm not really hungry that time), getting sick after eating (I ate too much, as usual), nausea (I have vertigo). Yeah, yeah I'm probably not pregnant.

But still, I can't stop stressing about it. I even found myself looking at a book on getting pregnant (almost bought it actually).  We've only been married for short of 4 months and I'm already troubled on not having the capacity to bear a child. I might as well consult an OB-gyne. 

Soon, I wish I could put to use the home pregnancy kit that I bought which is stashed inside my underwear drawer. It doesn't hurt to be prepared, right? =)

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