Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Find - Neutrogena Hand Cream

Last night, an officemate handed me a tube of Neutrogena Hand Cream (Norwegian Formula). She said she thought of me when she saw that on her dresser because she knows how I love lotions and creams. She guarantees me that I am going to like the product. And I couldn't agree more!

This product works wonders. With just a small amount, it softens your hands instantly and I assume that with long term use, you'll have really soft hands and no more dry skin. The tag line is definitely correct "just a dab heals dry skin". 

She used to sell this at the bank where she previously worked because her grandmother kept on sending these from the states and she's got a lot of stocks. But, this one tube she gave me for free. Isn't it great?! No worries, when I've used up the whole tube I'm going to ask her for another one and I'm going to pay for it already.

I definitely recommend Neutrogena Hand Cream. I now have super soft hands in an instant. :)

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