Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Symbols of Our Love

I soo love our rings! I found a design from one of the popular jewelers at w@w but when I asked for a quotation, a pair is priced way beyond our budget. It was by chance that we saw a pair with the same design in Ongpin.

We didn't plan on purchasing our rings that day, it so happened that Deck's confirmation in Quiapo Church lasted until noon and we decided to have lunch at the Hap Chan branch in Ongpin. This is to let his Mom and Aunt have a "taste test" of the menu that we will be having on our reception.

After lunch, I told Deck since we were there already, why don't we look around for rings, we might find a pair that we'd like. I told him we don't have to buy the rings that same day, we'll just browse around. We found a pair of rings whose design is quite similar to the ones I found online, but when we asked for the price, it's too steep for a place like Ongpin. Hehe. So, off we go to another shop, this time, it was the same shop where Deck bought me my Engagement Ring. We looked at the displays and there they are! Our rings! We asked the saleslady to take them out of the display so we could take a closer look and to fit them as well. I really liked them but I'm waiting for Deck's reaction because I know that he doesn't want to have stones on his ring. I'm so happy when he told me he did like the rings.

We asked for the price which is not too expensive but his mom haggled with the owner and in the end we got a 2,000 discount if we are to buy them that day. I whispered to Deck that it is a very good deal compared to the quotation of the popular jeweler and I really don't want to let the rings go, they might be bought already when we decide to come back to purchase them. It is the same design anyway, so Deck went to an atm to withraw some cash and we paid for our rings in full. I am so happy.

Here are a few shots of our rings:

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