Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Wedding Inspirations

During the first stages of the preps, I initially wanted to wear a tea-length dress because our wedding would just be a simple affair. But, because my cousin and bestfriend insisted that I should wear a long dress, be it a simple or grand event, I decided to go for it. Baka daw kasi magmukha akong bridesmaid instead of the bride. So, I searched the net for designs. I knew that I wanted to wear a dress that would be made of heavy-lace from top to bottom. I once saw a design in a magazine but I could not find the copy anywhere. Then, I chanced upon a dress in http://www.jcrew.com/ and I knew that was "it", it's MY dress. I know it would be too simple for some but I wanted it that way. It's my wedding anyway. Hehe. Here are some pics of the dress:

The front
The back

I already bought the "tela" for my dress, I bought 4 yards of off-white colored satin and off-white colored semi-corded lace. The lace that I got was the closest to the one on the picture and I got it for a cheap price of P120.00/yard, the satin is priced at P48.00/yard. Both can be bought in the pasilios at Ilaya Street in Divisoria. Super cheap indeed so I was so happy. All you need is to be a little matyaga when you're looking around so you get the lowest prices and don't be shy to make tawad, just be mabait and sweet to the tinderas and you'll be given discounts.

Since I'm at Divisoria already, I also looked around for reliable modistas. That was the hard part, because most of them don't accept labor only, it's either they have their own designs or sa kanila na din ang tela. I found one modista (nasa sulok pa ng mga pasilios) that agreed to make my dress. It's a good thing that I brought a picture of the design and I told her, simple lang naman po, just that it's made of lace talaga and the details at the back are just the pearl-like buttons instead of a zipper (I might ask her to add a zipper sa satin which would be under the lace and to put the buttons on the lace, if buttons lang kasi there might be a possibility na baka matanggal kagad kapag nastretch or napull ang dress ko). She priced it at P1,000.00 only, I then asked her how much would it be if I'd like to add a bolero (church requirement: tubes are not allowed, either wear a bolero or a shawl), she said it would be P1,300.00 bolero included. Super cheap, right?? But, I didn't leave the lace and satin pa because I think it's too early to have my dress made, baka tumaba pa ko (I hope not!).

As for the shoes, I can't help but look through the net for designs although I know that I won't be having mine custom-made. Wala lang, just the kikay-shopaholic kicked up. Hehe. I like wearing open-toe sandals/stilettos Here are some that I liked best:

The winner (I hope I could find a style like this)

Flowers: I have no idea what flowers to choose for my bouquet so I just browsed the net for arrangements and I'll just have it arranged at Dangwa. Here's what I wanted for my bouquet:

So, that's it for now. I'll post more soon!!


Brad said...

Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom.
Wish you both a wonderful life together :)

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Thank you, Brad!

SwitSexyThing said...

hi sis. my shoes kinda look like the one u want. sa charles and keith ko siya nabili.

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