Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Early Wedding Gift

One of my mom's sisters volunteered to give us an overnight stay in one of the lodges in Tagaytay as a wedding gift. Given the choice, I would have wanted to stay at The Boutique but because of the super expensive prices, I'm going to have to look around for a more affordable place to stay. It doesn't really matter if the place is a hotel or a B&B. Deck and I would most probably spend most of our time outdoors touring the City of Tagaytay. I saw the website of a place called Keni Po and reading through the positive feedbacks left there by previous guests, I decided that we should stay there. We might extend our stay for 2 days because we think just a day's stay is super bitin. I am yet to explore what we could do in Tagaytay for 2 days. A recommendation for a place called Bag of Beans (am I correct?) has reached me already, to taste the ever popular bulalo at Leslie's and probably have coffee at a Starbucks branch, Oh and it won't hurt to try the newly installed zipline there. If anyone could suggest what else we could do while we're in Tagaytay, please do leave your comments. It would be highly appreciated.

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