Monday, August 4, 2014

Pregnancy Update - 27 Weeks

Last Saturday, we went back to my OB Gyn for a follow up. I've been put to bedrest for more than a month already due to threatened abortion. I am constantly having pelvic bone pains and whenever we see my OB, contractions happen.

It wasn't any different last Saturday. Premature contractions were felt by my OB, my pelvic bone pain is still there. It looks like I won't be able to go back to work prior to delivery. My doctor even wanted me to have myself admitted to the hospital but we had to decline because my HMO does not have coverage for anything pregnancy related and we're currently a single-income household since I have used up all my leaves so we have limited funds as of the moment.

I know that I should refrain myself from thinking and worrying too much but there are days when I just cannot help it. The anxiety on baby number two's condition sometimes is just too much to bear. I even need four doses of steroid shots by Wednesday to aid the development of the baby's lungs and several laboratory tests to take. Add to that the financial burden that my husband is carrying alone and knowing that he's physically and mentally tired of taking care of mine and Johan's needs makes it even harder not to worry.

When I was pregnant with Johan, his stuff were already complete before I reached 30 weeks. Now, we haven't bought anything yet for the baby. Aside from financial restraints, the fear of miscarriage is holding me back from buying things for the baby.

Each day is a struggle to remain positive. I am trying my best not to worry too much and I am just grateful for Johan who constantly makes me laugh. His assignments from school keeps me busy and his excitement rubs off on me whenever he shows me the stamps in his hand whenever he did good in school.

27 weeks - we still have a long way to go in this pregnancy and we definitely need prayers.

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