Friday, March 21, 2014

The More, The Merrier

I haven't posted for quite a while as I really have been busy with work and at home the last couple of months or so plus I am more active on Instagram nowadays.

Anyway, remember the post, That One Last Pill, from August of 2013? It's been six months since that post when I realized my period was delayed. I waited for my period to arrive until two weeks later and it was still a no-show. That's the time when I decided to finally get two home pregnancy kits and give it a go.

I guess we really can't deny those very pink lines that appeared

When the first test came out positive on a Friday, I filed a leave from work and immediately went to see an OB-GYN in a hospital near our house. I was disappointed with the consultation because I was expecting that the doctor will request for an ultrasound, do an IE or at least feel my tummy. But she did not do any of it, simply asked questions and insisted that I undergo another CS just because I delivered my firstborn via CS.

That's when I decided I don't want another OB-GYN to aid me in this pregnancy except for Dr. Eva Macababbad who was my doctor when I was pregnant with Johan. Coincidentally, hubby was also thinking the same thing. So, we scheduled a consultation with our trusted doctor a week after I took the HPT.

Dra. Eva holds clinic at the Metropolitan Medical Center in Manila and with Johan, it wasn't that hard to go to and from the hospital as it was only a trike ride away from where we used to live. Now that we are settled in Dasmarinas, Cavite, the travel to Manila is something that me and the hubby are not looking forward to. But that is only a small bump in the road, so to speak, because we both know that me and the baby will be in great, great hands of the one OB-GYN that we truly trust.

Saturday, March 8, we were welcomed by the usual bubbly and warm Dra. Eva into her clinic. I was just happy to see her and we immediately felt at ease. She requested for an ultrasound as expected and it is official, we are indeed pregnant!

The sonographer announced, there is a tiny baby!

There is just one thing that Dra. Eva is concerned about, the baby's heartbeat is still weak so she prescribed Progesterone to support my gestation, the usual prenatal vitamins and advised me to return for a repeat ultrasound in two weeks. That will happen this Saturday, March 22 so more prayers please for a stronger heartbeat for our little one.

Anyway, Johan is pretty much an excited kuya. He kept on asking me and his Dad, if we want either a baby boy or a baby girl. He expects us to say baby girl each time and gets mad at his Dad when he answers baby boy. I guess he is already set to have a little sister. Let's hope, anak. :)

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