Monday, November 25, 2013

A Weekend at the Valentino Resort and Spa

My sister, RK, turned 30 this year and she chose to celebrate her birthday with the rest of the family in a resort in Batangas. Too bad that the entire family cannot come to celebrate with us but nevertheless we still had loads of fun especially Johan who didn't want to leave the pool, ever.

Valentino Resort and Spa is located in San Jose, Batangas. It is a large resort with 4 swimming pools, a jacuzzi, basketball, tennis, badminton and volleyball courts, a fitness center, a children's playground, 5 huge villas that would fit a maximum of 8 people, rooms for two persons, dorm type rooms for larger groups, an event hall, a restaurant and a spa - yes it is that huge of a resort!

The Mediterranean Villa
The Contemporary Villa

There were 12 of us that went to the resort plus 2 kids so my sister chose to rent out 2 villas next to each other to accommodate everyone. The Mediterranean Villa has two rooms with 2 double beds each. This villa can house up to a maximum of 8 people. The other one is the Contemporary Villa  which only has one room with a queen-sized bed. This villa can fit up to six people.

Room 1 of the Mediterranean Villa

Room 2

Contemporary Villa room

The villas are quite nice-looking with only the basic furniture inside. Downside is that there are no refrigerators in any of the villas and even the guests are not allowed to cook food. However, there is a restaurant inside the resort where you can order your meals and the staff are kind enough to let you store your food in the restaurant's fridge.

The kiddie pool
Infinity Pool

There are four swimming pools inside the resort, three of which are just a few steps below our villa and the other one is located a few steps from the entrance to the resort. The Jacuzzi is installed at one corner of the Infinity pool and this is where we stayed until 12 midnight of November 23. Johan enjoyed the kiddie pool and even if he went under the water more than a few times, he still stood up, "swam" and had a great time!

Other facilities include an indoor basketball court, a fitness center, volleyball and tennis courts and a spa. Too bad that Papa didn't bring with him his rubber shoes and his tennis rackets, he would have enjoyed playing tennis here. The boys wanted to play basketball but the court rental is quite steep at 400 if you'll be playing during daytime and 600 if at night.

So we just settled ourselves in lots of picture taking, swimming and hanging out at the villa. Thank you to that person who invented the camera timer - we were able to take pics of everybody!

My Mom and two sisters with our niece, Zalia

Look up, look up!

It was a great almost 2 day stay at the resort and everybody sure had fun especially Johan who didn't want to get out of the pool. Hopefully, we can come back to this place soon.

Barangay Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose, Batangas
Telephone Number: (043) 783-0558
Mobile Numbers: +63917-5155936; +63918-4952338

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