Saturday, March 10, 2012

Community Awareness - Lake Seeding and Tree Planting

Yesterday, I (together with my batchmates from work), woke up early in the morning to do something worthy for the environment. We participated in the Lake Seeding and Tree Planting Program spearheaded by the City of Muntinlupa. This is part of our company's Community Awareness Program.

We we're all prepped to working under the sun planting trees but we were all clueless what Lake Seeding means. It appeared that Lake Seeding meant releasing Tilapia fingerlings at the Laguna de Bay. I didn't understand at first how this could help the fishermen seeing all the fish cages installed in many parts of the bay until the person from the Laguna Lake Development Authority explained it to us.

The fish cages or fish pens are all owned by private individuals. Private individuals are the fish pen operators who more or less have the means financially to breed, raise and farm Tilapia.With the many fish pens installed along Laguna de Bay, this leaves just a small area for the humble fishermen to fish which means less catch and income for our lowly "mangingisdas".

When I understood the greatness and the long term effect of what the program is aiming for, I felt truly honored to have been chosen to participate in something as life-changing as this. In my own little way, I am able to help others and that feels really good.

All companies truly should have a community awareness program and be active in their own community activities that would benefit the environment and our fellow Filipinos.

Here are some photos from yesterday:

The early morning sun greets us warmly

The rickety bamboo bridge that we had to pass to go to the floating bahay kubo
where we were briefed and had breakfast and lunch.

Our very filling meal - hardboiled eggs, rice, tuyo, indian mango ensalada,
hotdogs, pork adobo and inihaw na talong

The Tilapia fingerlings

Our "port" - ladder made of bamboo

Boarding time

Our 30-minute banca ride. I just had to say that this is the scariest part of the activity
because we had to ride a banca without "katigs" on either side and we were standing up
because the banca has no seats.

Fish pens

Releasing the Tilapia fingerlings

Tree planting

Me and my awesome batchmates

It truly was a great experience and I will be very happy to do it again.

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kim said...

i used to join tree planting activities when i was young. wish i could join one again someday..

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