Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Holidays

Here's something to brighten up our days despite the still cloudy skies in some parts of the country. There will be two long weekends this month that I'm really looking forward to. I only hope that our company will adhere and allow us to enjoy these three non-working holidays. Some of my officemates even made plans and are preparing to go on a trekking trip to Benguet. I am invited to join them but I'm not really into those kinds of trips plus I'd rather spend the long weekends with my son and the husband.

I’d love to go somewhere but I still don’t know where we can go. We’ll probably end up in the ever reliable malls and spend endless time window shopping and pigging out. I might buy a few things because seriously, I am in dire need of new, good fitting clothes. It is only during these last couple of weeks of rain, when we were allowed to dress up in jeans at work, that I realized that I only have two pairs of jeans that really fit me while most are all tight in all the wrong places. I can barely pull the jeans up my hips! It would have been nice to have a few pieces of good shapewear from, I am pretty sure I would have fitted on all those tight jeans.

Anyway, how about you, what are your plans for the long weekends?

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