Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Canonical Interview

April 2, 2009 


Archdiocesan Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Guia

I got home early from work so I could sleep pa before our interview. I woke up around noon to prepare and it was already drizzling outside. I kept on praying na sana tumila na yung ulan because Deck and I would be riding his motorbike to the church. Good thing when it was time to leave tumila naman but when we're on the road na umulan ulit. We had no choice but to stop and sumilong muna, we did that, I think, twice. I was praying really hard kasi I don't want to be late sa interview baka masermunan pa kami ni father kapag late kami. Buti na lang we made it on time and what surprised us both is that hindi lang pala kami ang nakasched for interview that day, when we arrived at the church there were at least 8-10 couples na. We were all scheduled at 3pm... hays how could a priest interview everyone at the same time. Sana man lang they scheduled it at a 30-min interval. 

Anyway, when the priest arrived, the first couple who arrived got up but the priest told the two that he would interview the h2b muna, b2b should wait muna. 30 mins have passed but the interview with the h2b is not yet done, while waiting I was asking Deck some silly questions, sabi ko papano kung hindi magmatch answers natin baka hindi tayo payagan ikasal ni father. All the while tawa lang kami ng tawa dalawa. Then another priest arrived and began interviewing the 2nd couple. Buti na lang may dumating na pari because ung 1st couple hindi pa din tapos ang interview, imagine, their ratio is 3:1, 3 couples dun sa 2nd priest, 1 dun sa 1st priest. Ganun katagal.

When it was time for us to be interviewed (buti dun kami sa 2nd priest kasi i think it took him less than 20 mins to interview each couple), naging maayos naman. Father just asked us what marriage means to us, how we met, why we chose the church and a little lecture lang about marriage and we're done. Mabilis lang pala and to think, days before the interview, I nearly studied pa the sacraments and the commandments and the beatitudes. haha! 

Well, it's april 7 today, a month and a day before our wedding in May 8. I can't wait to be a Mrs. to my h2b!

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